Robert Mueller Lied. GOP Cowards Want Him To Get Away With It.

Robert Mueller is furious that Trump commuted Roger Stone's sentence. He is so mad that he broke his silence and published an op-ed in the Washington Post condemning the move. There is a reason that it is not a good idea to make important decisions when you're angry: you tend to make mistakes... And that is precisely what Robert Mueller did.

He swore in his op-ed that everyone on his team "acted with the highest integrity." That is provably false. Peter Strzok had to be fired for extreme anti-Trump bias, Brandon Van Grack was taken off the Flynn case when he was caught deliberately withholding exculpatory evidence from the defense, and a still unnamed FBI lawyer on Mueller's team is being criminally investigated for altering and fabricating an email to trick the FISA Court into renewing the surveillance warrant against Trump's team. But all of this pales in comparison to the fact that Robert Mueller knew Trump was innocent on Day One, but kept the witch hunt going anyway...

Mueller has publicly declared that his team acted with integrity. This gives Lindsey Graham and other Republicans the opening to force him and his team to testify under oath.

Graham is promising to do just that. But already, the GOP is pressuring him to just 'let it go.' The spineless Republicans want to let the Deep State get away with their failed coup.

You CANNOT let that happen!

Don't let the GOP sweep the Deep State's crimes under the rug! Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND Mueller and his team be subpoenaed and forced to answer for their crimes against the constitution!

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