Dems FURIOUS After Trump Sends Officers Into Portland!

President Trump promised that if cities and states failed to get the rioting under control, he would take action.

Portland, Oregon has suffered five straight weeks of nightly riots. The local police have been ordered to stand down, giving the lawless "protesters" free reign of the city.

But the minute they attacked a federal court house, President Trump had the power to send federal law enforcement in. These officers -- a combination of US Marshals and Border Patrol agents -- are now arresting the "protesters" who commit federal crimes.

The Left is FURIOUS and rallying to pull the plug on Trump's operation. Nancy Pelosi is promising to defund the operation when Congress begins considering the DHS spending bill this week. And she already has Republicans offering to help her do it...

You must rise up and stop this! Don't let the Democrats get away with blocking Trump and protecting the rioters!

Send your instant message to Congress and force them to KILL Nancy Pelosi's plan to force Trump to withdraw federal law enforcement officers!

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