Radical Dems Promise To Shut Down Trump's 'Operation LeGend'!

Nancy Pelosi warned Trump that there would be hell to pay if he expanded Operation Legend to send more federal officers into Democrat-run cities.

Yesterday, Trump told Pelosi to pound sand and ordered the DOJ and DHS to send officers into Chicago and Albuquerque to restore law and order.

Democrats are furious. They are advancing two amendments designed to defund the DOJ and DHS to force them to withdraw from cities like Chicago and Portland. The far left cares more about beating Trump than they care about keeping their constituents safe...

Shockingly, the Left has Republicans signing on board to help. These GOP only care about protecting their own re-election prospects, and they think shutting down Operation Legend is the way to do it...

You MUST stop them!

Quick, before it's too late, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and order them to kill every single leftist amendment designed to defund Operation Legend!

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