Disgusting: Pelosi & Schumer Hold USA Hostage to Pass Radical Spending Package!

Democrats just vetoed the GOP's emergency coronavirus bill. 

They are threatening to tank the American economy unless the Republicans agree to pass the so-called Heroes Act as-is.

This bill would mandate mail-in voting nationwide, legalized ballot harvesting, and abolish voter ID requirements. It would waste billions on leftist pet projects, dole out amnesty to illegal aliens, and bail out liberal cities. It would also ensure that the economy doesn't recover by extending the emergency unemployment benefits into next year. 

If this bill passes, we will lose our Republic.

And the idiot Republicans are meeting with Democrats behind closed doors to "negotiate" over it...

You must rise up and kill this bill right now! Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL the so-called Heroes Act, by any means necessary!

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