Dems and GOPers Scheming to Defund Police & Shut Down Operation LeGend!

President Trump is taking the fight to the ANTIFA rioters and violent criminals! He has ordered Operation LeGend to go into four cities, and is promising to send the feds into even more cities to restore law and order.

The plan is working. In less than a month, hundreds of rioters and violent criminals have been arrested and taken off the streets.

But now Democrats want to undo all of that. They are forcing a vote THIS WEEK on legislation that would pull Operation LeGend's funding and force all of these Federal officers to withdraw from Portland, Kansas City, Albuquerque, and Chicago.

They are threatening a government shutdown unless the GOP caves and agrees to their demands. Of course, the GOPers are already folding...

There is still time to stop this from passing, but you need to act right now!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and force them to protect Operation LeGend's funding, by any means necessary!



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