Unreal: UN Says Trump Must Respect Antifa's Rights..

As we reported, the United Nations Human Rights Office just issued its formal demand to the United States. The Trump administration, along with all countries, are now being ordered to stand down and allow "peaceful protesters" to control the streets of major cities.

The UN is demanding that the Trump administration stop using excessive force against "peaceful protesters" and has even declared that the police cannot shut down a "peaceful protest" when some of the participants turn violent. The UN has chosen to side with Antifa thugs over law enforcement and law-abiding citizens. 

And they are doing this with YOUR tax dollars!

Democrats and their GOP allies are hopeful that they will be able to sneak through their bill to restore and increase the UN's funding without you noticing.

You must rise up and stop this before it is too late!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and demand that they BLOCK Pelosi's plan to restore the UN's funding and instead pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act to cut the funding, once and for all!

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Send to their main field office too!

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