After Kenosha Riots, Dems Advancing Bill to Defund and Disarm Police!

For the third straight night, Kenosha, Wisconsin was burning. At least three rioters got shot last night. There was millions of dollars of property damage as small business owners saw their life savings and livelihoods literally go up in smoke.

Because the Democrat Governor stalled on sending in the National Guard, local police were forced to deploy on their own. Since they were going up against ARMED rioters, the police had to deploy in armored vehicles (acquired from the Pentagon).

Democrats are furious. Not at the rioters, mind you... they are mad at the POLICE for using "military equipment" to retake the city streets. Now, Democrats are advancing their bill to cut off police departments' access to military surplus gear. Right when police departments need it most, they want to cut off this vital program and take back riot equipment from police departments being investigated for civil rights violations...

If the Democrats get their way on this, American towns and cities will burn... And they have already picked up their first Republican ally, Rand Paul.

The Left want to add their bill to the annual defense department spending bill and force the GOP to choose between defunding the police or shutting down the government. You MUST rise up and stop this before it's too late!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to KILL the Stop Militarizing Law Enforcement Act by any means necessary and STOP it from becoming law!

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