Leftists Cheer After Trump Supporter is Murdered in Portland

Last night, a Trump supporter was singled out and shot in the streets of Portland because of his political beliefs. When Antifa learned about the killing, they danced and celebrated in the street...

Two nights ago, Rand Paul and his wife were attacked by thugs as they left the GOP Convention. All because DC's Democrat mayor refused to allow the Secret Service to secure the streets around the White House.

President Trump has enough. He is once again preparing an Insurrection Act declaration to send Federal personnel into cities like Portland to quell the riots and restore order.

But like clockwork, cowardly Republicans are vowing to stop him. They would rather innocent people continue to die and businesses be destroyed than allow President Trump to use his lawful power to restore order. They are teaming up with Democrats to gut the Insurrection Act to eliminate Trump's authority to intervene.

You MUST stop them! Quick, rise up right now and join today's campaign, telling Republicans and Democrats alike that if they dare pass this bill to gut the Insurrection Act, they will all be removed from office!

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