GOP Cowards Agreeing to Pass Democrats' Tyrannical Covid-19 Bill

The GOP is advancing a COVID-19 relief bill this coming week. They claim that it will be a "skinny" bill, meaning that it won't include the most radical Democrat amendments (such as universal mail-in voting or amnesty for illegal aliens).

The Republicans are caving, however, on the issue of "contact tracing." They are agreeing to include H.R.6666 in their "compromise" plan. This legislation would provide hundreds of billions in funding to help local and state officials force their way into your home to conduct contact tracing, testing, and enforce quarantine requirements.

That is the GOP's idea of a compromise... Paying liberal cities and states so they can force their way into people's homes...

There is still time to stop this, but you need to take action right now!

This is an urgent action alert! Please, you must rise up and send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now ORDERING them to stand down and kill H.R.6666 before it's too late!

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