Enough is Enough: Nancy Pelosi Must Be Removed As Speaker of the House

It is now undeniable. Nancy Pelosi must be removed from office.

Yes, her hypocrisy in getting her hair cut in a salon that was not allowed to open is stunning. Yes, it is disgraceful after months of demanding every American wear a mask, she was caught on camera maskless.

But Pelosi's other crimes are many. In just the last 12 months, she has broken multiple laws and shamefully used Americans' pain and suffering as political leverage to get her radical agenda through.

Her own party is turning on her. Dozens of vulnerable Democrats are regretting their votes for her. 

If the vote on Nancy Pelosi's speakership was held today, she would not win.

It is up to YOU to force that vote! Quick, you need to rise up and tell Congress right now that they MUST remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House for her many crimes against the American people!


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