Mitt Romney Just Blocked A Subpoena From Going Out...

The pressure is working. This week, Ron Johnson caved and issued subpoenas to both James Comey and James Clapper demanding that they testify and answer for their actions. Other subpoenas, however, were blocked by GOPers like Mitt Romney, who believed it was too "political" to investigate Biden or Obama so close to an election...

Unfortunately, Lindsey Graham is also refusing to budge. While he went on camera to talk about Johnson's subpoenas, Graham still - to this day - is refusing to issue subpoenas of his own. Instead he is "negotiating" with Andrew McCabe, pleading with Peter Strzok to agree to testify, and letting Robert Mueller himself off the hook.

The GOP establishment wants to run out the clock. They don't want to investigate and prosecute the origins of the FBI's anti-Trump witch hunt. They don't want to investigate and prosecute the Mueller officials who wiped their phones before they turned them in.

Don't let the GOP cowards run out the clock!

Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND subpoenas be issued to each and every Deep State co-conspirator involved in these illegal witchhunts!

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