Bombshell: New Docs Show Joe Biden Joined Deep State Plot to "Get Trump"

Joe Biden has now been linked to the FBI's illegal and unconstitutional investigation of Michael Flynn.

We now know that the FBI agent in charge of the original Flynn probe - William Barnett - started the process of closing the investigation down on January 3, 2017. One day later, FBI agent Peter Strzok asked him to keep the probe open because he was working on a new angle: a potential Logan Act violation.

The next day, Joe Biden looked right into James Comey's eyes and told the FBI to investigate Flynn for violating the Logan Act. Comey relayed those instructions to Peter Strzok, who used that as the predicate to launch a new Michael Flynn investigation (which would later morph into the Mueller investigation).

All of this because Joe Biden told the FBI to investigate the incoming National Security Advisor for violating a law that, since 1799, has NEVER been successfully prosecuted.

What Biden did was criminal. Not only did he engage in a seditious conspiracy, but was an accessory to a scheme to violate Michael Flynn's rights under the color of law. 

In the next two weeks, James Comey and Andrew McCabe will both testify as to their involvement in this scheme. But the GOP is refusing to subpoena Joe Biden...

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and DEMAND that they subpoena Joe Biden and force him to answer for what he did!


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