Wow: James Comey Just Implicated Obama and Biden in the Flynn Witch Hunt!

James Comey testified before Congress today and changed his story, saying that Joe Biden and Barack Obama did not try to influence the Michael Flynn investigation.

That testimony now directly contradicts hand-written notes taken by Peter Strzok on the day of the infamous White House meeting.

We have now heard from everyone who was in the room when the Michael Flynn witch hunt was started... except for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Everyone who has testified has told slightly different stories. The only way to get to the truth of what happened is to hear from everyone involved... including Biden and Obama.

Joe Biden refused to talk about his role in the Michael Flynn investigation last night during the debate. In previous interviews, he has denied even being in the room. 

Congress can subpoena Obama and Biden and force them to testify, but it is up to YOU to demand it right now!

Please. send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to issue subpoenas to Barack Obama and Joe Biden and force them to answer for their role in launching the witch hunt against Michael Flynn!

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