Breaking: Deep State Traitor Andrew McCabe Refusing to Testify!

We have the Deep State criminals right where we want them. Not only did we catch them trying to literally remove Donald Trump from office, but new evidence now shows the scheme went all the way to the top in the FBI and even all the way up to Joe Biden and Barack Obama as well. But now, right as we are about to get the truth and start holding some of these criminals accountable, the hearing is being cancelled.

Instead of issuing subpoenas, the spineless Republicans opted to have these traitors testify voluntarily. Now that three Republicans on the Judiciary Committee have tested positive for the virus, the crooks are saying it is "too dangerous" for them to testify publicly and answer for their crimes...

Enough of the games... Enough of the "voluntary" testimony... Congress MUST start issuing mandatory subpoenas to these traitors! And yes, I am talking about subpoenaing Joe Biden too!

But the only way that happens is if you rise up right now and DEMAND it!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast before it's too late and DEMAND that Congress immediately issue subpoenas to every single Deep State and Obama official involved in this anti-Trump coup!

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