Breaking: ATF Bans Legal Handgun, Turning Innocent Gun Owners Into Felons Overnight

The ATF just reversed a years-old ruling and decided to turn untold numbers of Americans into felons overnight.

Back in 2013, the Obama administration approved a device known as an "arm brace," designed to help disabled veterans learn to fire heavy pistols one-handed again. Millions of Americans have now purchased these legal devices to help them safely and securely fire heavier pistols one-handed.

But the ATF just issued a stunning ruling reversing their 2013/4 decision. They have issued a cease and desist letter to a firearms manufacturer, redefining the pistols as "short-barreled rifles," which require registration with the Federal government and a $200 tax to the ATF.

Now, the ATF is preparing to roll this out to the rest of the country, turning millions of innocent, law-abiding Americans into felons overnight.

This MUST be stopped! Our goal today is to bombard Congress with a quarter million FaxBlasts demanding they intervene and put a stop to this gun ban, but we need your help to do it!

Please, we urgently need your help! Join today's campaign and tell Congress right now that they must STOP the ATF from pushing through their new gun ban and turning hundreds of thousands of law-abiding Americans into felons!

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