Breaking: New Emails Prove Massive Corruption in the Biden Crime Family

The Biden Crime Family's house of cards is coming down.

We now know that Joe Biden was an active participant in his son Hunter's corrupt schemes overseas. We know that Joe Biden demanded 50% of Hunter's salary and that after Burisma ordered Hunter to make their political problems disappear, Joe Biden personally met with a Burisma executive and then demanded that the Ukrainian government fire the prosecutor investigating the company.

The Vice Presidency has very little power, but Joe Biden and his family still found a way to monetize it. One thing is certain: the Biden Crime Family can never be allowed to hold the Presidency!

As more of these emails get released, Joe Biden is dropping in the polls. But with so many people voting early, we are running out of time to show them how corrupt Joe Biden is.

The DOJ and FBI refused to do anything with these emails when they got them a year ago. Now it is up to Congress to force Joe and Hunter Biden to answer for their crimes before it's too late and only YOU can demand it!

Don't let Hunter and Joe Biden get away with their crimes! Please, you need to send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to subpoena both men and force them to testify immediately!

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