Trump Takes Stand Against United Nations' Leftist Policy!

President Trump is taking a stand against the United Nations, this time rallying dozens of other countries to try to put a stop to the United Nations' worldwide support for elective abortion.

Democrats are promising to undo Trump's actions, restoring hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for UN abortion programs. Right now, the bill Congress is debating would not only fund the United Nations, but also restore many of the cuts that Trump has already made.

Conservatives, however, have another idea. They are pushing a bill to pull the plug on the UN all together. Congress would be free to vote and fund individual programs, but the Congress would be prohibited from sending the UN billions in no-strings-attached funding.

This is our chance to finally put America First by pulling the plug on the United Nations for good. But it is up to YOU to demand it right now!

Please, tell Congress right now that they MUST pass the American Sovereignty Restoration Act into law and that any Congressman or Senator who refuses to defund the United Nations will be removed from office!

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