This Week: Push to Force FBI Director Wray to Answer for Hunter Biden Cover-Up!

The Deep State has been caught in yet another cover-up. We now know that the FBI had evidence of Joe and Hunter Biden's Ukraine crimes late last year. While Donald Trump was being impeached for calling for an investigation, the FBI was secretly conducting that very investigation. While Democrats stood on national television and said there was no evidence the Bidens committed any crimes, the FBI was subpoenaing that very evidence.

And FBI Director Christopher Wray kept it a secret. He refused to even tell the President that there was an ongoing investigation. Not only that, but he allowed the Hunter Biden investigation to be shuttered for the most bogus of reasons...

You and I were never supposed to know about this. If the Delaware PC repair shop hadn't forwarded a copy of the harddrive to Rudy Giuliani, this Deep State cover-up would have worked.

Now, however, Democrats and Republicans are refusing to call Christopher Wray in to answer for his actions. Democrats want to protect Biden and GOPers are terrified of being seen as "too political."

Only you can force them to act!  Please, join today's campaign and tell Congress that they MUST call FBI Director Wray in to testify and explain why he sat on the Biden evidence!

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