Breaking: Facebook and Twitter Just Lied To Congress About Censorship!

Twitter and Facebook were caught putting their fingers on the scale. They were caught trying to cover up for the Biden Crime Family.

The CEOs of both companies were called to testify before the Senate Commerce Committee. Both Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg were asked about their companies' efforts to influence the election and both men lied under oath.

Ted Cruz called them out directly, calling for their prosecution for perjury under 18 USC 1621.

The GOPers, however, don't want to touch them. They never wanted the tech companies to be forced to testify to begin with. They certainly don't want them to be held criminally responsible for their perjury.

Congress has the power to refer the heads of Facebook and Twitter directly to the US Attorney's office for prosecution. But only YOU can force them to do it!

Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they refer the Twitter and Facebook CEO's to the US Attorney's Office for immediate perjury prosecution!

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