Democrats Just Stole Another State From Trump!

There are MASSIVE discrepancies in the election. Dead people voting in Michigan and out-of-state people voting in Nevada. Even though Joe Biden lost African American support in almost all of the country, he surged to record turnout levels in Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia, meaning that a 78-year-old racist got more Black people to vote for him than Barack Obama...

And whenever Trump campaign officials try to get into the room to watch the ballot counts, they get kicked out and the windows get covered up so they can't watch from outside...

Nancy Pelosi came out today and declared that Joe Biden is now "President Elect," even though the count is not yet over. She is determined to rubber stamp the election, no matter how fraudulent it was...

You cannot let Congress certify this election fraud! Please, you need to send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND a full election audit to stop these fraudulent ballots from counting!

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