Unbelievable: 'Glitches' In Election Systems May Have Changed Results

Every day, we learn about more and more evidence of fraud. But in addition to the evidence of voter fraud that is being discovered, we are also seeing more and more evidence that electronic voting systems, like the ones sold by Dominion Voting Systems, could have not only influenced the election, but also even changed vote tallies and outcomes.

We saw DVS machines in pro-Trump counties go offline for hours at a time, causing voters waiting in-line to give up and go home. We saw Dominion attempt to upload software updates to voting machines the day before and even election day, leading to glitches and flipped votes in the tally.

And after a deep dive into the company, not only was at least one of Dominion's executives proven to be rabidly anti-Trump and pro-Antifa, but we learned that Dominion Voting Systems also partners with the Clinton Foundation to get their voting systems installed around the world.

If Joe Biden won legitimately, then he is the next President of the United States. But there are far too many irregularities and "glitches" to ignore, and they all point to serious and widespread voter fraud.

Only Congress has the jurisdiction to investigate these national companies, subpoena their records, and investigate whether Dominion or other electronic voting systems were hacked or unintentionally led to the discrepancies we are seeing. And only YOU can demand it!

But we are running out of time! Quick, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND a full investigation into Dominion Voting Systems and other electronic voting companies before it's too late!

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