Breaking: GOP Cowards Cave, Agree to Certify Detroit's Fraudulent Votes

Republicans just caved. After Leftists threatened the GOP members of Wayne County's Board of Canvassers, and threatened their children, the two Republicans agreed to turn a blind eye to discrepancies and certify the fraudulent results anyway.

The vote in Detroit Michigan was just certified, even though it was confirmed to have irregularities that would suggest at least 28% of the votes would not survive a recount.

The Leftist mob didn't care. They came out for blood, going so far as to even threaten the Republican's children, in order to force them to agree to certify fraudulent results.

They are stealing the election! Please rise up and fight back before it's too late!

Quick, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to throw out these fraudulent results and STOP Joe Biden and the Leftists from stealing the election!

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