Breaking: Supreme Court Cowards Refuse To Hear Texas Case

The Supreme Court has refused to take the Texas case. Even though everything in the filing was true, the Supreme Court refused to even hear the merits of the case, instead choosing to toss it out because Texas 'lacks standing.'

Barring some unforeseen judicial intervention, the Electoral College will vote on Monday and will select Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

Then, the results will go before Congress and it will be up to the House and Senate to certify the Electoral College results.

Rep. Mo Brooks and Senator Ted Cruz are planning to file a formal protest, opening the floor for debate and forcing all Members of Congress to go on the record as to whether or not they believe Joe Biden's victory was legitimate.

This is our shot to stop the steal, once and for all. But the only way that happens is if you rise up and demand it!

Quick, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and FORCE them to block the illegitimate results from Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia from being certified!

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