Leftists Demand That Biden Advance Gun Control Tax

Joe Biden is set to name his Gun Control Czar this week and the first order of business will be to advance his plan to tax the 2nd Amendment out of existence.

The plan would force Americans who own semi-automatic "assault weapons" and so-called "high capacity magazines" to either pay taxes for the privilege to continue owning them,or surrender their firearms and magazines. If you're able to afford the thousands in taxes, your name will be added to a gun owner registry, which Democrats could then use to confiscate them in the future.

This is a call-to-action! Our goal today is to bury Congress in at least 250,000 FaxBlasts demanding that they kill this gun control tax bill, or any other legislation designed to chip away at the 2nd Amendment.

But we need your help to do it!

Don't let the Left pass Biden's gun control tax! Join today's FaxBlast campaign and FORCE Congress right now to KILL any gun tax or gun control bill Democrats try to sneak through!


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