It Begins: Biden Preparing Gun Control Executive Orders!

The Boulder, Colorado shooting was committed by a Syrian refugee Islamist who hated Conservatives. Joe Biden, just like Obama, refused to call it an Islamic Terrorist Attack. Instead, he demanded a semi-automatic gun ban and "expanded background checks." 

After his gun control speech, the White House press secretary admitted that Biden is preparing gun control executive orders in case Congress doesn't give in to his demands.

The Biden executive orders would force private sellers to conduct background checks (which the government could monitor and add to a database), outlaw homemade firearms, and ban semi-automatic firearms from being imported into the country.

The Left is now urging Biden to go-it-alone and dismantle the 2nd Amendment by executive order. As a citizen of the Republic, you must stand up and fight back right now before he pushes this through!

Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to block Joe Biden's gun control executive orders by any means necessary!

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