Breaking: Biden State Dept BLOCKED Americans From Escaping Afghanistan!

It is worse than any of us could have imagined. The "hostage" situation where the Taliban is blocking Americans from escaping Afghanistan by plane? It was literally caused by the Biden administration.

Planes loaded with over 100 Americans and over 1500 Afghan Christians were about to take off when the Biden State Department abruptly refused to approve their manifests. They blocked the flights from taking off and forced the passengers to go back into the Taliban-controlled airport.

The Biden administration literally abandoned all of these Americans and Afghan Christians and when they found a way to escape themselves, the State Department blocked them from doing that.

How many more Americans does Biden have to abandon before we take action?

Quick, you must join today's FaxBlast campaign and FORCE Congress to pass H.R. 5071 - a bill to force Biden to rescue these abandoned Americans - before Biden and his cronies can do any more damage!


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