INDISPUTABLE FRAUD! Demand Machine-free Midterm Elections!

Last week we told you about the preliminary injunction to prohibit the use of electronic voting systems in the upcoming November 8 midterms. The challenge was filed by Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and other candidates. 
We are still waiting to hear the judge’s ruling on the establishment motion to dismiss. If you missed the fiery hearing, the audio is available on Frankspeech.
In Michigan, a local news affiliate posted primary results two weeks before the primary election actually takes place next week. This is reminiscent of the exact same “mistake” that occurred in Georgia’s elections last year. 
In Colorado, eight candidates for county offices filed challenges to the primary results after election data showed statistically impossible (or controlled) margins. A local affiliate also called the race for Senate candidate Lynda Zamora Wilson before inverting the totals a couple hours later and awarding the race to her opponent, Senate Minority Whip Paul Lundeen.
In Wisconsin, and across the nation, counties are making the bold move to decertify the 2020 election, and the mainstream media doesn’t know what to do so they’re just pretending it isn’t happening. 
American Elections are the battle of our time, and our enemies know it. That’s why they’re trying so hard to keep you distracted. It’s why they’re centralizing power, obstructing challenges, and criminalizing dissent.
As a reminder, the EAC’s machine certifications in Georgia were later determined – by CISA but only after Professor J. Alex Halderman brought them to light as imminent threats – to be uncertifiable. Until Professor Halderman brought these issues to light, the government agencies told us “safest and most secure election in history.”
They still tell us that, and they want us to believe it. They want us to believe that those issues are outlier, they are mitigated, and everything is fine. Also, they haven’t actually looked at anything else, according to their own admissions.
When Congress passed the “Help America Vote Act” (HAVA) of 2002, they paved the way for the creation of a massive industry focused on “helping” our elections. What predictably resulted is that American elections are now a for profit enterprise – and it’s completely outsourced. 
Due to the complexity of this system that “helps” America vote, third-party technology experts are required. No one can check their work because their code is proprietary. Anyone that asks questions is mocked, shunned, or worse. 
And then they gaslight us that it’s “safe and secure.”
Electronic voting machines are an imminent threat to our critical infrastructure, our national security, and the future of the Republic.
Fax Congress and Demand ELECTIONS not SELECTIONS! Tell Your Legislators: Machine Free Midterms!

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