Midterm Metaphor! Republicans Sweep Democrats 10-0 in Contentious Annual Baseball Contest

Before all the kneeling in protest of our flag, most of us considered Baseball the great American pastime. This is enshrined in the annual Congressional baseball game, a contest that has been played since 1909.
From Fox News this morning, “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the coach for the Democratic team, said in an interview with Fox News' Chad Pergram that comradery and the players' love for baseball was the reason the congressional members continue to set aside their differences for the game. ‘This game is so great and people are so nice,’ she said. ‘That's what makes it great that we're competitive and it's great to be here and have a little fun.’" 
Thursday’s matchup between legislators from both of the two major parties appeared to be a metaphor for the upcoming midterm election: Republicans swept the contest with a final score of 10-0. 
This annual contest is historically newsworthy. Most remember the game five years ago when a Bernie Sanders supporter targeted the Republican players and succeeded in shooting Representative Steve Scalise (R-LA). Scalise made a full recovery and participated in Thursday’s game.
The contest was not without controversy as, days prior to the game, several left-wing groups threatened the event, prompting a response from the U.S. Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger. In a Twitter post, Manger said, "We are aware that demonstrators are planning to protest political issues at the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity. Our mission is to protect the Members of Congress during this family event, so we have a robust security plan in place." He added, "We urge anyone who is thinking about causing trouble at the charity game to stay home. We will not tolerate violence or any unlawful behavior during this family event." According to the Capitol Police, at least three climate activists were arrested.
The big news coming out of the event, however, has nothing to do with baseball. After drawing a lead-off walk in the sixth inning, Representative Linda Sanchez (D-CA) gave the middle finger to the GOP Baseball team before returning to the bench to be replaced with a better runner.
This is the level of respect and decorum that we expect from the radical left, and Sanchez represents that classless lot with perfection. 
If baseball is America’s pastime then sportsmanship is America’s virtue. It’s not surprising that Sanchez respects neither. Like the rest of the radical left, she fundamentally hates America. 
For all of us watching, however, we know the score reflects the truth: Americans are finished with the radical left’s agenda to “reset” America. You think 10-0 is a rough score, just wait until November.
Demand Linda Sanchez be stripped of committee assignments and sanctioned!

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