Another Primary Day! Demand congress abolish electronic voting equipment!

With the recount of Colorado’s June 28th primary underway in the state’s 64 counties, voters head to the polls in Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington. Top issues for Republicans include free and fair elections as well as restoring the Constitution. The top – and really only issue – that Democrats are hammering is unrestricted abortion. 
In Arizona, Trump-endorsed Kari Lake faces off against a Pence-endorsed challenger. In a manipulation-free contest that would be enough to push Lake to victory given that Pence is more hated by right-leaning Americans than even Liz Cheney. 
Last month, Lake was in court for a hearing on her case, and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs embarrassed herself by telling the court the only "expert testimony" the judge should consider is from the "expert" that assumed a false identity to penetrate the Maricopa audit last year. Classic. 
The judge asked both parties to submit additional information by July 28, and as of press time no additional ruling has been issued. 
In Michigan, two weeks ago the state’s primary results were published – two weeks before the primary election took place. The state claims they were testing the results reporting system, and the published results were pushed to production in error. Experts familiar with how the system works are challenging this explanation, saying the vendors have a test mode and premature reporting should never happen, by mistake or otherwise.
Back in Colorado, the candidates and their watchers in El Paso County saw the recount rules change on Monday after filing a motion to stay the recount effort given the extorntion-level fees and multiple issues observed during the first three days of the effort.
Clerk Broerman refused to be served, and the petition stayed on his office floor all day.
When candidates and watchers arrived on Monday morning, the Secretary of State’s counsel announced they would no longer be able to speak or ask questions or interact with the county at all. Read the latest at asheinamerica.
Anytime anything happens with the machines they tell us human error. Humans are definitely causing all this chaos, but whether or not it is in error is very much in question. This appears to be intentional behavior – and when the machines go we get our elections back.
It’s past time for us to end this charade. Abolish the machines – all of them.


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