Fax Congress: To honor your oath, you must abolish speech codes, remove 230 protections, and restore

As we discussed yesterday, the mainstream media narrative this week is that Joe Biden is presidential and Congress is delivering for the American people.
But as we discussed last week, the so-called-ruler-of-the-United-States (scrotus) and the Congress are brazenly violating all of inalienable rights. They swore an oath to protect those rights, and they are silent about the violations.
Not that they deserve the benefit of the doubt, but perhaps we haven’t been specific enough? Let’s remedy that. This week, we will be specifically cataloging these violations, and today we are focusing on the First. 
On Friday, Twitter publicly vowed to “Fight Election Misinformation.” And as the Daily Signal reported of the announcement, that means more censorship is incoming.
“Misinformation,” and its reportedly sinister cousin, the intent-filled “disinformation,” are government code words for anything that opposes the Ministry of Truth’s narrative. These terms are used to dismiss any actual truths that run contrary to the scrotus administration’s aggressive agenda to enslave the American people.
In the announcement, Twitter stated, “As a key part of the Twitter Rules, since 2018, our Civic Integrity Policy has helped people find credible information during elections and other civic processes — including in the Philippines, Kenya, Australia, Brazil, and India – just this year. Today, as we do ahead of other global elections, we’re activating enforcement of our Civic Integrity Policy for the 2022 US midterms.”
The Civic Integrity Policy is quite Orwellian when you consider the context that it’s being used to violate the civil rights of anyone who questions the government. Twitter continues:
“Twitter plays a critical role in empowering democratic conversations, facilitating meaningful political debate, and providing information on civic participation –  not only in the US, but around the world. People deserve to trust the election conversations and content they encounter on Twitter. We’re exploring other ways to help people make sense of content they encounter during these critical times. Keep an eye on @TwitterSafety for media literacy tips and suggestions, like how to spot misinformation, which were developed in partnership with educational experts.”
Educational experts on mis- and disinformation seem like a completely legitimate hiring decision by Twitter. Is Scary Poppins involved?
While Twitter (and, let’s be honest, the rest of the platform/publisher crowd will follow suit) is preparing to crack down on criticizing and exposing the crimes of government, The State media apparatus is in overdrive to set the narrative that you’re allowed to believe (and voice). 
According to the Sunday editorials and talk shows, the mockingbird media wants you to believe that Biden is a historic commander in chief in a time of crisis. They also want you to believe that Pelosi and Schumer are steering America in the right direction.
You’re meant to believe that the scrotus and Congress are delivering for you. The economy is “strong,” no matter how it’s crushing you and your family. 
Don’t look around. Don’t pay attention to your own eyes and ears and surroundings. The State media apparatus assures you that your economic pain – buying gas, food, school supplies – is just dangerous disinformation. 
Election misinformation means pointing out the obvious smoke of a fire – inexplicable batch controls, write access to our voter rolls by leftist NGOs, intentional purging of those voter rolls post-election, including the purging of voters who voted in the most recent election. 
There are many questions for the American people and any real journalists to be asking. 
But asking those questions will get you banned on socials and ejected from the public square. Seems like a fair system.
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: To honor your oath, you must abolish speech codes, remove protections and incentives for businesses, like Twitter, who violate American rights in the public square, and restore the First Amendment, uninfringed to the American people. 
Here is today’s letter to Congress:
The State’s media apparatus is in a full court press trying to paint the pain Americans are feeling as historic achievements of this administration and your work in Congress. 
This is nonsense, of course, and We the People see through it. Your media partners tell us that our pain is good for us. That the Congress suspending our rights and implementing policy to – at record pace – bring about this economic crisis is a net positive. 
Positive for whom? You and your cronies.
We’ve asked you to stand in the gap for our rights, and you remain silent. You don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt but, in grace, perhaps we haven’t been specific enough. We want to leave no room for doubt about our demand for remedy, so we will break this down, right by right, in the coming days. 
The First Amendment
“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”
The free exchange of ideas is non-negotiable in a free society – all opinions are allowed to be shared and debated, and people should be allowed to decide what is true and right and just based on that free exchange. In other words, individuals must be free to express their opinions, regardless of how popular it may be, without fear of retribution or government persecution. 
As Students for Liberty recently shared, “It is extremely problematic for anyone to be given the authority to determine which opinions are to be deemed acceptable or not. Yet, in the name of political correctness, this is a phenomenon that can easily be observed in many countries today. Governments are showing an increasing trend of shutting down discourse that they believe may be subjectively offensive to certain people. There is an alarming tendency towards censoring opinions on controversial topics. Such action stems from a belief that it is better to shield individuals from being exposed to views and arguments they may not appreciate, as opposed to endorsing constructive dialogue.”
YOU the Congress have overseen this trending decline in First Amendment protections. 
In many ways, We the People feel like we are living through 1798. The atrocious Alien and Sedition Act criminalized government criticism. This was a major political issue in the 1800 election as the Act was used by President Adams to go after his political rival, Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson wisely pardoned those who had been convicted under the Act, and the Supreme Court never heard arguments on constitutionality. In New York Times v. Sullivan, the Court declared "Although the Sedition Act was never tested in this Court, the attack upon its validity has carried the day in the court of history." (1964).
This Congress feels on the brink of reinstating these Acts or something like them. That's a line.
The First Amendment is time-tested to be fundamental to the preservation of Liberty. You’re going in the wrong direction, and We the People will not allow it. 
As your media and corporate partners, like Twitter, are now announcing that they will, once again, restrict and punish political speech in the public square, YOU have been entrusted by the People to preserve our First Amendment rights. 
You swore an oath as such.
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: To honor your oath, you must abolish speech codes, remove protections and incentives for businesses, like Twitter, who violate American rights in the public square, and restore the First Amendment, uninfringed to the American people. 
We’ve seen how fast the Congress can move when pushing your own agenda against the people. We don’t want to hear that you can’t remedy these grievances. You have one job that is above all others: To protect and defend our rights against enemy attacks. 
If you don’t, it’s because you won't. And that tells us everything we need to know.
Fax Congress today and demand they abolish speech codes, remove protections and incentives for businesses, like Twitter, who violate American rights in the public square, and restore the First Amendment, uninfringed to the American people. 

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