Pedophile Hunters in Berkeley Foreshadow “Justice” for Children in America

This week, Daily Dose of Sanity is spotlighting crimes against children, and the government entities that defend those crimes. 
Last week, Reduxx Magazine shared the story of “Sophia Westfall” and Alex Rosen. Westfall is a California transgender who identifies as female and preys on really young children. Rosen is a full time pedophile hunter who lures predators out of the shadows to receive justice.
On August 20th, Rosen’s group “Predator Poachers” uploaded video of his encounter with Westfall when he approached the transgender at Strawberry Creek Park in Berkeley. Westfall says, “Leave me alone,” and “I don’t want to talk to you,” as Rosen shares documentation of the crimes the transgender was planning against 9-, 6- and 1-year old children.
As part of Rosen’s operation, he and other anti-pedophile activists pose as children to lure predators into the public where they can be confronted and, outside of woke-captured California, arrested. During the evidence gathering phase of the operation, Predator Poachers caught Westfall talking about cuddling, kissing, and molesting her targets, whom she believed to be young female children, but were in fact Rosen and his team.
Westfall made no pretense of his intent, sending lewd photos and telling the supposedly 9-year old girl how to pleasure male genitalia. All of this was documented for police – an open-and-shut case of a dangerous child predator exposed to be captured. Predator Poachers have successfully initiated arrests of child predators nationwide, and 80% of those initiated in California were arrested by police. 
But not Westfall. 
According to all reports, Westfall continues to walk free to continue preying on children. 
Police were called by bystanders who believed the transgender predator was in danger. Police came, interviewed both parties, got annoyed with Rosen for misgendering the dangerous predator and, ultimately, declined to bring any charges – despite being shown mountains of evidence, including of Westfall sending lewd pictures to children.
Westfall has deleted all his known social media, and it’s unclear how many children he has harmed since police let him walk free.
Many online are complaining about “vigilante justice” and that Rosen should “let the authorities handle this.” Let’s take those in reverse order. 
Rosen and Predator Poachers work with local law enforcement and have successfully achieved arrests for dangerous child predators across the nation. When the authorities were called in this case, they declined to “handle” anything. They allowed the pedophile to walk free to continue harming children.
As for “vigilante justice,” the predator is still breathing. Rosen and his team lure these vile creatures into the public so that the established system can deliver justice. 
But what happens when the justice system declines to deliver justice because they’re afraid of hurting the perpetrator’s feelings? 
The case of Rosen and Westfall foreshadows what that means for the children. It isn’t good and, if American parents were told the truth about this ongoing threat, the woke left would learn the true meaning of vigilante justice. 
The FBI has an entire taskforce and billions in funding to address crimes against children. Well, according to their website, they dedicate about 60 full time agents to the crimes against children task force. 
Perhaps if they spent the same resources on saving children as they spend investigating their parents for misgendering and mean tweets, the kids might have a fighting chance.
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: As your justice department fabricates crimes against conservatives, criminalizes parenting, and persecutes peaceful protestors, you’re neglecting to protect our children from dangerous predators. Get your priorities straight and stand in the gap for our children! 
For months we have been talking about the big, bloated government that has permeated every aspect of our lives. Every aspect except the protection of our children. As we discussed yesterday, the DHS/HHS/ORR machine is actually enabling crimes against children for the cartels, and the FBI is too busy prosecuting parents and harassing Trump to stop child predators.
If the justice system fails our children then the government has no standing when fed-up Americans take justice into their hands. 
Here is today’s letter to Congress.
You keep telling us that we should have trust in American institutions. You tell us this even as these institutions actively destroy our trust. 
In California, amateur pedophile hunters approached a transgender that was attempting to meet up with three children, nine-, six-, and one-year-old girls. This was after the predator had sent lewd material and engaged in grooming and salacious discussion with, who he thought, was a nine-year-old girl.
Local police declined to charge the predator and allowed him to go free – even after the Predator Poachers showed them the stack of evidence. The evidence covered crimes already committed – like sending sexual images over the internet to children – as well as crimes he intended to commit with the children once he met up with them.
If the FBI – who is funded and empowered to fight these atrocious crimes -- continues to neglect that duty in favor of fabricating crimes against conservatives, harassing former presidents, and prosecuting peaceful protestors, can you really be surprised when Americans take the protection of children into their own hands?
These pedophile hunters are foreshadowing what is to come for the American justice system if you continue to politicize justice and neglect to pursue the worst, most vile criminals in society.
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: As your justice department fabricates crimes against conservatives, criminalizes parenting, and persecutes peaceful protestors, you’re neglecting to protect our children from dangerous predators. 
Justice for our children will come, one way or another. There is zero trust remaining in the Biden Department of Justice. That’s dangerous, but we will protect American children with or without the federal government. 
If without, then why do we need you at all? Restore justice to the justice system and get your priorities straight!  
Remember your oath and stand in the gap for the most vulnerable among us: our children.

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