Congress: Now That You’ve Protected Your Vacation Homes, Protect the Border

It was less than two days. It was just 50 people and 44 hours that caused one of the richest, most privileged communities in America to declare a humanitarian crisis. 
Now they are patting themselves on the back for virtuously shipping them away from their affluent island where the regular people can deal with them. 
The top story on CNN this morning. “‘They enriched us.' Migrants' 44-hour visit leaves indelible mark on Martha's Vineyard,” attempts damage control of last week’s migrant relocation to the leftist playground. 
“After sharing hugs and teary goodbyes with roughly 50 migrants who had arrived unexpectedly by plane on this affluent vacation island, the volunteers who sheltered them at an Episcopal church carried out tables and chairs, packed food onto trucks and folded portable cots.”
The narrative is that the community of Martha’s Vineyard stepped up to the plate to support these poor unfortunate souls after red state governors used them as props. The reality is that the community – where there is at least one millionaire for each of the 50 migrants that arrived – managed this “humanitarian crisis” for less than two days.
“Days of uncertainty on the small island off the coast of Massachusetts and a massive effort by locals to provide for them ended with a new odyssey -- a ferry ride and then another bus caravan to temporary housing at Joint Base Cape Cod.” 
Not "days" -- not even two.
If you’re wondering why they shipped them out so quickly, you need to understand the demographics in Martha’s Vineyard. 
According to government statistics in the region, the majority of towns on the island are 90 percent white. 78 percent of the island’s residents are “white collar,” or wealthy. Hispanics make up less than two percent of the population. 
These 50 new migrants just didn’t fit. Afterall, the vineyard is home to the vacations of many politicians and celebrities, and they already have servants to care for their homes, cut their lawns, and nanny their kids. 
There was no room at the inn for these 50 souls. They were shipped to a government facility where the taxpayers can resume their, in the vineyard residents’ view, rightful role in handling the devastating results of leftist border policy. 
A 2021 puff piece in Galavante makes this clear: 
“Martha’s Vineyard isn’t just cool because it was the location of Jaws (the movie) in 1974. Or because the Obamas like to cozy up on a 28-acre plot of land on the island. Martha’s Vineyard is a full-on way of life for those who regularly make their summer trips here. Celebrities like Bill Murray, Meg Ryan, Reese Witherspoon, Mike Wallace, and even Princess Diana have all regularly visited. A number of them, such as Michael J Fox, have called the Vineyard their home. The low-key vibe is just one of the reasons the rich and famous make Martha’s Vineyard part of their summer circuit.”
“Keeping with the presidential vibe, the Clintons are Martha’s Vineyard fixtures. It’s where they unwind, and where Hillary is known to have a beer or two. Their favorite ice cream spot, Mad Martha’s, is down to earth and unglamorous. The 50-year-old parlor that started in the back of a converted ambulance has a rustic, 1970s vibe. The handmade ice cream is as good as it gets.”
“We always trust Oprah on where to stay, eat, or vacation, and she does not let us down with her top pick for accommodations in the Vineyard.”
It goes on to talk about the favorite restaurants of Larry David and Spike Lee. 
Now do you understand why the 50 migrants can’t stay? It’s fine for the little folks near the border to have their towns overrun by illegal migrants. It’s encouraged, in fact, by the same people who deported just 50 of them to a government facility in record time. 
The actions of Governors DeSantis and Abbott last week put a spotlight on the real issue with US border policy: 
Those making the policy never have to deal with its repercussions. They never have to experience the results of migrant hordes descending on their communities. And when they do, they make it someone else’s problem real quick.
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Now that you’ve secured your vacation homes against the migrants, can we secure the border? Why do your vacation homes deserve greater protection than the homes of regular Americans in the border towns? Your hypocrisy is showing. Remember your oath. 
Here is today’s letter to Congress: 
You really showed yourselves this past week. The 50 migrants that were relocated from red states to Martha’s Vineyard have been swiftly relocated to Joint Base Cape Cod. You and your donors made the problem of unwanted migrants go away in record time. 
In Martha’s Vineyard, there is at least one millionaire for every migrant that arrived. Rather than take them in and care for them, you millionaires stuck them in a church until you could ship them off to be the taxpayer problem.
If only border towns could act so swiftly. Rather, the homes of regular Americans on the border are being overrun. But those Americans can’t call on the government to ship them out of their communities. No, you’re shipping them in. 
According to a 2021 Center for Immigration Studies, “In the first seven months of this fiscal year, Border Patrol has “encountered” 5,861 aliens with criminal convictions, more than twice as many as in all of FY 2020 (2,438), and already more than 37 percent more than in all of FY 2019 (4,269).” And it’s only gotten worse. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Now that you’ve secured your vacation homes against the migrants, secure the border.
Why do your vacation homes deserve greater protection than the homes of regular Americans in the border towns? Your hypocrisy is showing. 
Remember your oath. 

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