Fraud Nation: NY’s Voting Non-Citizens; WI’s Manipulated Registrations; CT’s Two Sets of Books

“Abdul Rahman Kargbo, 63, first registered to vote in November 2005, according to records from the New York City Board of Elections. He enrolled in the Democratic Party and voted in nine general and primary elections between 2008 and 2021, the records show.”
This is from a Friday report in the NY Post, and it continues:
“A copy of Kargbo’s original voter registration form obtained by The Post shows he clearly and honestly marked that he was not a US citizen, yet the clueless agency registered him anyway.”
Clueless? The Board of Elections is claiming incompetence and human error. The remedy is that Kargbo has been removed from the voter rolls. The news was released following a NY Board of Elections (BOE) whistleblower, which is causing the NY Citizens Audit team to rejoice and give glory to God. These citizens have been fighting to reveal the state of NY elections since November 4, 2020 and, prior to this whistleblower, they wondered if their efforts were in vain.
This story spotlights the role that voter registration, and its relaxed controls, play in executing election fraud. And it’s not just NY. According to The Gateway Pundit:
“The Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty (WILL) filed a lawsuit against the controversial Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) for their alleged illegal use of the National Mail Voter Registration Form…The lawsuit alleges that WEC failed to comply with statutory requirements relating to required voter registration form content and violated rulemaking requirements by approving the Form without following the appropriate process. The suit argues that use of the Form hinders uniformity and predictability around the administration of elections, and increases the risk of error.”
In Connecticut, the CT Examiner reports the discovery of a voter fraud scheme with an intricate, sophisticated twist: Two sets of books. 
“By March 2019, Ruijter had finished reviewing the absentee ballot data, and sat down to write a letter to the FBI. ‘It is with dismay that I need to report fraudulent handling of (absentee) ballots during the November 2017 election in the town clerk’s office in Stamford,’ Ruijter wrote, according to a copy of the letter obtained by CT Examiner. Her research had identified an “intricate illegal scenario” that, to succeed, required knowledge of the complex absentee balloting system, Ruijter told the FBI.” 
That story was reported last week about events that occurred from 2017 to 2019. Why are we only hearing about this one now?
These are just some of the stories – all reported within the past week – that affirm what election integrity activists in all 50 states have been claiming, and proving, for nearly two years: US elections are manipulated and untrustworthy.
Unless you follow conservative media, you won’t have heard these stories, or the hundreds of explosive discoveries across the nation that preceded them. Stories like these are largely ignored, suppressed and, when they break through anyway, explained away as human errors or one-offs.
It is only due to the persistence of election integrity activists and, though rare, honest elections officials and whistleblowers that we know as much as we do about the uniparty cartel’s bipartisan scheme to manipulate the outcomes of elections.
Until integrity is restored, and accountability is demanded and achieved for those who perpetrated this massive criminal conspiracy – and for those who covered it up despite their duty to report – America will remain irreparably divided. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Despite overwhelming evidence and public outrage, there has not been a congressional investigation about the 2020 election. Investigate and show the evidence to the American people. We the People will not stop until those responsible are held accountable. Get on the right side of history and remember your oath.
Here is today’s letter to Congress: 
According to your experts at the Brennan Center, “Extensive research reveals that fraud is very rare. Yet repeated, false allegations of fraud can make it harder for millions of eligible Americans to participate in elections.”
Notably, Brennan and his allies comprised the group of “experts” that declared the Hunter Biden Laptop as “Russian Disinformation” in an effort to manipulate the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Are all 50 of those experts incompetent, or were you executing an operation on the American people (again)?
Evidence of election fraud is overwhelming and definitive. Every week, news outlets are finding the courage to release this evidence. But you all continue to double down. 
Your legitimacy as an elected official is called into question by the evidence revealed in New York, Wisconsin, and Connecticut. And Georgia, Arizona, and Colorado. You’re staying silent. It’s not a good look. 
We know that you expected us to move on from the 2020 election. You made a strategic error, however, in expecting us to believe that Joseph Robinette Biden – an inarticulate and unlikeable fool with obvious dementia and documented but unaddressed corruption allegations – received 81 million votes. 
We’ve believed a lot of your lies. But that one went too far, and in trying to prevent another Trump term, you revealed your methods. 
You think of the American People as dirty, useless eaters. What you missed is that the American People include highly skilled domain experts with a love of our Constitution and the skills to unwind the sophisticated but silly schemes of the progressive elites. 
You woke the bear.
Are you offended by the use of “you”? If you’re not complicit, then redress our grievances about the 2020 election today.
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Despite overwhelming evidence and public outrage, there has not been a congressional investigation about the 2020 election. Investigate and show the evidence to the American people. We the People will not stop until those responsible are held accountable. Get on the right side of history and remember your oath. 

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