This Never Happened to Trump, But It’s Happening Bigly to Democrats

Remember when Maxine Waters told everyone who would listen that they should make sure to let Republicans know they weren’t welcome in polite society?
We remember someone else saying that enemies of the people, “won’t be able to walk down the street.” Indeed.
Last week, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel was booed off stage at an ART FESTIVAL. Art festivals are notoriously left-leaning but that didn’t stop the audience from humiliating the unpopular and unlikable AG. From Brian Lupo at The Gateway Pundit:
“Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel spoke at an event in Royal Oak, MI called the 'Arts, Beats and Eats' Festival over Labor Day weekend. It is not clear if she actually gave a speech or if she was just introducing the next band, but within the first few seconds of her speaking, the host had to come on stage to ask the crowd to 'respect' her. The boos continued. Nessel went straight to introducing the band and quickly exited the stage.”
One of the lesser reported stories about Biden’s Red Sermon was that he was heckled during much of it. Given the fact that he looked like a more demented version of Hitler while calling over half the country an existential threat overshadowed the comedic relief (which we all really needed while breaking down that speech).
And it continues, with the latest victim over the weekend: Nancy Pelosi. 
According to Newsweek:
“Pelosi, a California Democrat, appeared at the Global Citizen music festival in New York City. The festival has been organized in the city annually since 2012 by the Global Poverty Project with the goal of helping end extreme poverty in many parts of the world. This year's festival featured performances from Metallica, Mariah Carey, and the Jonas Brothers. Pelosi was called up onstage on Friday night by actor, musician, and activist Priyanka Chopra. As she took the stage and discussed efforts to combat climate change, many members of the audience began to boo her.”
According to the video, it sounds like most of the audience. And it’s hilarious. 
We should expect this public shaming to continue, as more and more Americans awaken to the crimes and incompetence of government “leadership.” 
The humiliation will continue until this criminal regime is brought to justice. 
Here is today’s letter to Congress.
Dana Nessel was humiliated at an Art Festival in Michigan.
Biden was mercilessly heckled during his Red Sermon.
Now Nancy Pelosi was booed off stage while talking about climate change in the leftist haven of New York City. 
Can you feel it, Congress?
The political winds are changing in America. Everything this administration has done is a complete and total failure for the American people. From foreign policy to covid policy to border policy to economic policy to the fact that you keep having to tell everyone that Joe Biden really is the President, you probably can’t come back from this one. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Impeach Biden, prosecute the crimes against Americans – and humanity – and bring complete transparency to the American people. Sunlight is the best disinfectant. 
Get on the right side of history, or you won’t be able to walk down the street without shame and humiliation. 
Just ask Nancy.

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