Yesterday, we shared how FBI analyst Brian Auten testified, in the trial of Igor Danchenko, that the FBI offered $1 million to Christopher Steele if he could corroborate the allegations. He couldn’t of course because they were fabricated, and the FBI knew it.
We now know that former Federal Prosecutor Kash Patel and former Congressman Devin Nunes sent Congressional subpoenas for this information during their RussiaGate investigation – and they were not honored. WATCH.
Four years later, this trial produces the truth: The FBI obstructed a lawful Congressional investigation to protect their crimes. 
They knew the claims were fabricated, but engaged in political theater through the ~$50M Meuller investigation based on the fake dossier.
They knew they’d get caught. And they decided to put the country through it anyway.
Here is today’s letter to congress.
You knew you’d get caught, and you decided to put the country through it anyway. 
We know that the FBI offered $1M to Steele – and presumably anyone else – to corroborate their claims and help them create the predicate for this investigation. 
We now know that Christopher Wray and the FBI obstructed the Congressional investigation by blocking Congressional subpoenas. 
Of course, that didn’t stop YOU from conducting the ~$50M Meuller investigation based on that fake dossier. Your efforts to incriminate Donald Trump weren’t just political theater – they are criminal. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Immediately impeach Chris Wray and declassify all documents related to Crossfire Hurricane and Russiagate. 
Public trust is at an all time low, and it will likely remain there until the criminals in government face some accountability. 
Remember your oath.

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