Every Member of Congress Received the Biden Laptop Report – What Have They Done With It?

They’ve had the report for over 24-hours. What are they doing with it?
According to the Hill: “Rep. James Comer (Ky.), the top Republican on the House Oversight and Reform Committee in line to be chair of the panel, has promised hearings and probes into the Biden family’s overseas business activities… ‘The reason we’re investigating Hunter Biden is because we believe he’s compromised Joe Biden,’ Comer told reporters in September.”
The American people agree. In a poll of 1,000 US voters conducted by Rasmussen Reports in September, 63% believe the 459 crimes on the laptop are important; 44% say “very important.”
In March of 2022,the NY Times quietly confirmed the legitimacy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop. 
This week the Marco Polo Research Group released a 603-page report detailing 459 violations of state and federal laws and regulations by President Joe Biden’s son and his business partners. The report has been sent to all 535 members of Congress as well as all US Attorneys for jurisdictions where crimes took place. 
This is the moment we demand that the law be applied equally to the powerful and the plain. Hunter Biden, James Biden, Joe Biden, and the rest must be held accountable to the law or the law means nothing. 
Again, they’ve had the report for over 24-hours. What are they doing with it?
Here is today’s letter to congress.
We continue to anxiously await action on the Hunter Biden Laptop’s 459 crimes. Does the law mean anything? All of you have received the report. What are you planning to do about these crimes, influence-peddling, criminal corruption, and possible treason?
It’s not just Hunter. It’s James and Jill and Joe, and many others, who comprise a criminal influence operation funded by the American taxpayer. Foreign policy for profit. 
According to Rasmussen, 63% of US voters believe the 459 crimes on the laptop are important; 44% say “very important.”
Remember that the New York Times just published polling that 68% of voters believe government corruption is the greatest threat to democracy. 
The laptop is a smoking gun of government corruption, and there is enough to impeach Joe Biden many times over – particularly given the low bar you set during the Trump administration. If you care about our nation and want to restore public trust and confidence, you cannot allow the alleged chief executive of the United States of America and his family to get away with these crimes. 
DEMAND FOR REMEDY: You have the 630-page report – read it. Then investigate, impeach, and remove Joe Biden. 
Are you on the side of your constituents or on the side of the corruption? 

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