Breaking News: Obama Admin. Bans Ammunition Imports

With a few strokes of the pen, Barack Obama has just cut off ammunition for literally millions of Americans. The ATF has just banned the importation of one specific caliber of Russian surplus ammunition: 5.45x39. This is the ammunition used in the increasingly popular AK-74 rifles. Well, since the ammunition is steel-core and some manufacturer decided to design a pistol chambered in this caliber, the ATF has banned all imports effective immediately.

If you want commercial ammunition, good luck. It was hard to come by to begin with, but now that Barack Obama has signed Executive Order 13661 banning all trade with companies connected to the Russian arms and ammunition industry, it will now be impossible to find this ammunition.

There are currently no domestic companies that are manufacturing this caliber. With just two executive and bureaucratic actions, the Obama administration has cut off almost all access to this ammunition. This is how President Obama has decided to go after YOUR gun rights! He knows that he cannot defeat us up front. So, he has decided to fight you in the shadows, using his executive orders and Federal bureaucracies to disarm you however possible!

You must Fax Congress and tell them to STOP Barack Obama’s Backdoor War on Ammunition before it is too late!

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